Thursday, August 4, 2011

Decluttering Yahoo E-Mail Account

My day would always start with blog hopping and pinterest "pinning".
Pinterest account have served me well until I forgot my passwrod and user account.
 My bad. 
I am back to pinning again since I was able to retrieve the information I need to get back on the roll.

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Another thing that kept me busy this week is my email organization.
Yes, I finally found the time to work on my email account and remove the 9,000 unimportant emails that has been there for years.
After deleting those, I feel sort of free from clutter.
That was for my yahoo account.

My gmail is another story.

I haven't started on working on it.

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With the yahoo account, I have been using the "Other InBox" organizer that comes with the email. It makes deleting messages easier and faster.
You just have to click the icon on the left side bar and it will prompt you to update your settings.
The cons will be additional folders on your account with names like OIB Home, OIB Social Network...etc. existing and new emails will be categorized there.
Then you can delete.
If you haven't tried it, do it now.

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