Sunday, July 31, 2011

Home Ownership in the Philippines

We are in the process of waiting for our home loan application results.
The ad says processing of the loan will take five days. 

The home ownership is putting us into another level of planning and organization. I have failed terribly on the planning part. At least around 25K has been lost from my poor planning and maybe we will have another dent on my planning ability when we are done paying to the realtor. Silly me have forgotten the registration process right that comes after paying the whole amount. according to some website the transaction cost comprises the following:
  1. legal fees
  2. local transfer tax
  3. deed of sale 
  4. Capital Gains Tax
  5. Real State agent 's fee
  6. document stamp tax fee
the last three items will be shouldered by the seller and the first three will be the one the homeowners will have to prepare for. Based on the computations, legal fee such as notarial will cost around P200 per document, local transfer tax will depend on the zonal value imposed by the municipality government and the documentary stamp tax will cost around P15 per P1000 (value of the property, i assume) or 1.5% whichever is higher. House and lot with value of 2.5 Million below are VAT-exempt so mine will fall under that category. To give an idea of how much a registration cost will be, the example on the website provided a computation of around P28,898 for a 12M property. If the zonal value is not that high, our house  and lot processing fee will probably cost around 4k.

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