Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homemade Eye Candy

Its going to be a cold summer here in the PI and I love choco + marshmallow combo! I found this homemade recipe today and will probably make one over the weekend:


image and recipe from  here.

recipe inventory checklist:
3 packs unflavored gelatin - will buy
granulated sugar - check
light corn syrup - will buy
kosher salt - will buy
vanilla extract - check
confectioners sugar - check

I am a fan of Apartment Therapy. I have been waiting for their small/cool contest this year. Here are some of the early entries at the moment {my favorites so far}.

i ♥ white and black motif
i ♥ white kitchen with a dash of color 

sans the huge sofas, I ♥ the built-ins.

Special Note:

These past few weeks has been a very busy for me, with job hunting and such. We are looking forward to finishing our payment for the house so that we can start moving in. For the meantime, be inspired by my internet finds.

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