Friday, April 9, 2010

Second Weekend Fun

Last week was a less-than-expected weekend fun since the four days was literally spent in front of my laptop and books finishing papers. I am glad to have another weekend to catch up with the family and my happy little life. Here's what I have for this weekend (not too much word for this entry):

On sale books that I purchased few weeks ago but was able to grab and take photos just now:

don't you love that moon attached on the bookmark? 

Four books: The Chronicles of Narnia  ($3.2 each)

I tried reading them but don't have much time to get past page one. They are not boring though, it was me who is having a reading withdrawal. sigh.

Two Comic Books: Kikomachine Komix ($2.6 each)

Hubby finished one comic book already and had lots of laugh reading. I am about to get to the third page on one of those lovelies.

Free Treats:

 the highlight of the day: Patrick (or it looks like him, to me) 

He is a prize fished out by Hubby on one of those games in the arcade gaming zone. I am lucky too, winning eight additional tokens from the slot machine.

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