Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Annual swimming is here, so I bought a new set of swim wear. I was laughing to myself while buying those stuff because its unusual for me to be purchasing those stuff especially now that my size is no longer on the small department. But maybe I am enjoying this new size. Of course it would be impossible to see me on a swimwear with all my fats screaming so I am officially on a diet. I am currently on the cereal diet where you only consume a decent meal during lunch and the rest would be cereal + milk + fruit. It will be until Sunday then I am planning to switch to the fruit only and no sugar/salt diet once the semester is over.

Have a great Wednesday. I love midweek, it means three days more to our weekly date over breakfast.

Note to self:

I will have to buy a hand cream and sunscreen. It is too hot outside. And the airconditioned room makes my skin dry.

Have to drink more water.

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