Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yes people, I woke up from a zombie stance and got online immediately. What happened to my Monday and Tuesday? It seems that I was barely out of my midterm exam zombie mode and now it is Wednesday?

Will be heading to the University to drop by the library and get some fresh ideas on my paper then attend symposium for about Science and Technology. Not much laugh but enriching to the brain. ;)

Bought tons of post-its and prepared some guidelines for my one-month-two/three-books-strategy for my upcoming compre exam. The two books (one is twice as big as the other one or bigger) are bookmarked (with my colorful post-its) while the new shelves were replenished with new books awaiting for their turn.

So far, I was able to get myself on two pages per book. :D

I was able to save few bucks from my salary this payday. It's P 1100 (10% of what I received, remember?). Not bad, right?

My dear friend A is waiting at Tech U of the PI right now and told me he is waiting. :D It's time to sign off, I think. We were off to the library (which is in UPD, so far...)

Will catch up on blogging later.


Midweek inspire: Everything we have and everything we enjoy, including our very life, is due to the kindness of others. In fact, every happiness there is in the world arises as a result of others' kindness.

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