Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Goal

I am trying to come up with a big goal by doing small goals at a time. And since finishing goals bring laughter to our hearts, I will include this activity on this blog as well: savings. The terms that I have is to keep at least 10% of my salary (I receive mine every two weeks). So starting today, I will keep an update on how much I have been spending and saving. I checked my account today and found that the 10% of what I received is 600, so I will stash it now for the record. sigh.

Hope I can save more. :) I will try to come up with some moneymaking activities so that I can add more to our savings. There are lots of things that I have in mind lately, some material things that definitely needs money. So I am starting to raise funds for those too (things that I need for the new house) since I want to be debt-free while paying the home building expenses/loan. tonight, I will come up with a list of the things for the house and a scheme on how to raise the money to buy them. ;)

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