Sunday, June 6, 2010

Unleash the Artist Within: Blog Button

Now that I am down to two blogs ( in case you missed the update, I remove at least three blogs from the public view so that it will be just two active blogs left for me to tend) it is easier to update. I mentioned the other day that I will be posting my chicletor blog button. Here is my simple blog button ( I am hoping to improve later and change it into more presentable one):

I created this using paint. very basic. I hope to have it up later. I promised a simple how-to for this one but finished the drawing late so you have to wait until tomorrow for the tutorial.

It is already past 11 o'clock here so I have to call it a day. Till next time.



I am having trouble with the image. It is too large when viewed as image and eats up space and too huge as a chiclet. I will continue working on it later. good night.

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