Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bento # 4 and 5: tunaloaf and kid bento

I am on bento #5 ( the official count for the bento we bring to work). 
But there are some backlogs of bento that did not make it to the office but somewhere else. 

Since I made them, although not specifically for the office lunch, 
So I am posting them as well.

Bento #4:

the tunaloaf (cut-out and inserted a car-shaped cheese. I used small cookie cutter). 

The tunaloaf tasted like the local meatloaf here but more fish-y... 
(can't really find a word on how to describe it).
 the hubby informed me that the pineapple balanced the taste. I think it washed off the fish-y taste of the tunaloaf.
The verdict:  I wont have them again.

pizza spread sandwich, pineapple slice, oreo cookies, cheese+loaf combi shaped liked a car, cheese shaped like a fish, vanilla flavored wafers.

Bento # 5

two-cheese sandwich (italian cheese+cheddar), mango cubes, grapes

I tried to be creative here, thus the cut-out car shaped on the bread. haha. that's all I can say. It's a great lunch though. Lots of fruits. We love mango so much. I do.

same with the one above

and other bento delish!


(here is the cover of the bento box. cute? it's from one of those shows at Cartoon Network. He is Mac from "Imaginary Friends". )


 PB, chocolate cupcake (store bought) and cubed mango.

 We are having a good week so far. 

Non-bento speaking, we were able to pay off the rest of the 20% of our downpayment for the lot. It means we will be able to get the agreement for lot title transfer. The agreement is one of the documents that we will be submit to the financing agency for our lot +house construction loan. I can not be more excited. Even if the lady from the realty office informed me that we will wait for another month for the approval of our loan. At least it will be on the financing firm by then. I am happy that it did not wiped out our lifetime savings. I can not wait to have my own home. 

Thank you, God. For the Blessings.

Next blog will be about home interiors found in the net.

something like this:

image via apartment therapy

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