Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plushie Tutorial

Found some plushie tutorial (and collection of sites for plushie tutorials):

1. daily cute
2. mini plush
3. pure pleasure design - a collection of sites (thanks!)

Other blog sites (craft):

1. moda bakeshop
2. whimsy girl - she's got great tutorial with superb photos
3. handmade site
4. fish sticks and fries - not a food blog. she writes about different handmade (with tutorial as well)
5. rubber stamp - rubber stamp lesson. You can browse more to find many interesting things from the site like bead making and random drawings.


I am so into whimsy's blog. She's got so many craft ideas that I would love to try. After tomorrow's midterm exams, maybe? I am hoping to really do something handmade..if only I know where to buy those felts here in the PI. Suggestions, anyone?


I'll be back to blogging ,if not tonight probably on Saturday night. There are a bunch of overdue photos that needs to be put up.

Below is a desk calendar from my day job boss, ain't it very sweet of him? (The calendar have a schedule of a certain organization that I can dovetail with my plans for the Program I am managing, lol)

Having a great Friday, are you?

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