Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Make Happen

On my friendster blog I have written about resolutions that I wrote before 2009 concluded (around November). But with vacation, celebration and lots of bonding with my lovely family it is no longer resolutions but goals. So this year I have few goals to achieve (quiet different from the resolution I have mentioned):

1. Be more productive (work and school - finish school this 2010)
2. Blog at least five times a week (once a day, perhaps)
3. Do some crafting (scrapbook or any other art related activities)
4. Set program on Wii sports and reduce weight
5. cook and bake more..or yet, prepare foods for him. :D
6. Save at least 10% of the salary (mine and his.)
7. Become a first time home owner
8. Be closer to God
9. Smile more
10. Go out with the girls at least once a month.


Nuff about MY goals. My batt died so there is no photos of the scrapbook materials I received this christmas. For now. I will be posting some photos once I get out from sitting here.

Here's a round up of some great blogs with many craft ideas (I also joined Ravelry, a knit and crochet society):

1. For free knit patterns to download: Free Knit Patterns
2. Knit and Crochet lovers, Ravelry
3. Craft tutorials and workshop online (it's free): Trish Bee
4. Close up photo of various crafts and design inspirations : Design Shimmer
5. and of course, bento! (I wonder if it's possible to squeeze in some bento making on my friday night? hmmm..)


the house plan inspiration I got from Apartment Therapy for our new home:

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