Sunday, October 4, 2009

About Me

This is for those who read profiles of bloggers they visited.

I'm Tara and I have been married for more than a year to my husband P. I am an engineer by profession but I love browsing and spending time reading blogs about homemakers innovations on their homes, crafts from creative bloggers and other girl stuff that I can not find time to do.

I have been thinking of getting home based and this blog will document my preparation of getting more roots on my home. I hope to meet bloggers who can help me on this new venture.

This blogger love to read articles on organization, crafts, arts and cooking. I also tried my hand on bento.

I love pink, blue and muted colors.

My wish list includes:

- a new sewing machine
- a wii
- a big screened new computer
- a baby girl
- a business venture

I have another blog that showcase my interest on technology and science.
My favorite past time is movie marathon.
I hope to sew and create projects for my home soon.

This blog is for relaxation time.

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