Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello there... has been a  long while since I posted anything here.

Real life has been busy and everything online that is not work related has taken the backseat. We are still adjusting with the addition in the family but I realized that it should inspire me to blog more.

So for starters, let me tell you busy life makes you love list and planners. I know, it's almost the end of the year and I just got myself a cute handy planner. But you see, the good thing about those being sold out there is that they are DIYs and perpetual. Which means one can start anytime of the year!

Here's my colorful planner and some craft tools:

Sticky notes, colored paper tapes, colored pens and school  planner
I love almost everything on white but sometimes I indulge myself specially on planners.

Colorful = inspiration.

By the way, Christmas is just around the corner. Do you already have a list of gift? I will be preparing mine soon.


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