Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Revisiting Resolutions

This year has been a "no specific direction type of year" for me. I don't have any listed resolutions, but I do have few things that I want to do with no outcomes in particular:

1. be more eco-friendly
2. blog at least once a month
3. enjoy/love my job
4. explore/travel
5. organize/declutter
6. financial declutter/organize

Two days ago I started at my new job. It was a hard decision to make, leaving the previous one because it was the typical government job that most people wanted to have. Something that bothers me because I love working on pressing deadlines. With the new job, i thought it was the same with my former job when I was still under an executive office. On my third day, I am bored and dreading going back to work. The horror stories are starting to catch up on me. The terror boss that they described has not surfaced yet but I am already on the job seekers' wagon.  I will try to stick with my item no. 3 for awhile. Try to love this job.

Do you have anything that bothers you lately?

*** I purchased new bento accessories lately. I will be posting them later.

Found this wonderful blogger with her list of linky party that I will probably read for awhile.


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