Sunday, July 14, 2013

Organizing: Blog and Home

I promised an "at least one entry" monthly. And this month has been a lot of realizations to me. As much as I wanted to blog daily and talk about the things that happens here and what I think of them, I am keeping my rants on my twitter because I don't want to bore you with my endless complains about my career and homemaking (or the lack of it).

On the home making area: I am taking things one step at a time and tackled last month our tiny refrigerator. Yes, tiny. I can't keep more than a week worth of frozen goods in our small freezer that comes with the ref. And a less than a week goods clutters the very small space that the ref offers:

I went to the dollar store (Japan Homes store) and bought this pack of life saver for a dollar (around 66 pesos):

and turned the tiny refrigerator into a more pleasant looking cold storage. Of course I wipe it down clean before returning everything.

It is looking better now.

Do you feel better after cleaning/organizing? i do!

And since we are talking of organizing, I recently removed the chat box in this blog because it became a venue for spamming. Honestly, I understand the need to promote your blogs or websites but spamming my chatbox with links that are totally different from what you are trying to imply on your messages left on the chat is can really dent my great day.  (there, I let it out. i have been unhappy with those leaving messages pretending friendly link up only to find out that they are selling products or services.)

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