Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bento Less Days

I have been craving for bento for weeks but don't have energy to whip one. Not even the simplest lunch. Here are the bentos that I have totally forgotten to post here:
pork bento with egg. on the backgrund is a miso soup
I had this bento last February when we celebrated our eight anniversary. We are not the organized couple who would book somewhere for a date. We usually spend our anniversary the same way we celebrate our monthsary (yes, you read that right! we celebrate monthly) by going to the mall and randomly select a restaurant or a fast food. This year we ate at a  japanese restaurant, Teriyaki Boy. We got two mugs for free. I will post  about it in the future.

Below is a bento that I prepared for work last February. I had a strawberry sandwich and a crabstick/carrots/lettuce with asian dressing salad that was topped with parmesan cheese. great lunch,right?
February Bento Lunch: egg with olives as eyes, lettuce, asian dressing, strawberry sandwich, parmesan cheese, crabstick and carrots (L-R)


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