Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain and Storms on Summer Days

We only have two months of summer here in the PI and there is only two weeks left and rainy days will be here. 
But this post is not about summer and rainy days. Just something to keep readers visiting.

 like photos of food for you to crave (like I did):

Soft-serve Ice Cream of 7-11. Cost: P15
crepe with strawberry, ,mango and creme. {we ate at a crowded store selling crepes while in SM Cebu}

I think the crepe cost around P100 and it's a favorite,though expensive. But it is the company I was with that made the crepe more tasty,{ imagine talking with your friend that you haven't seen since she relocated in Cebu ten years ago}.
 and here is the inspiration for my kitchen/dining area that is so small it will probably accommodate only four person during dinner time. I prefer white walls. or any color except this one.

image credit: apartment therapy

and my excuse for not blogging: I have a new job! a real job. When I say a real job, it is something that gives you benefits and does not have any "no employee-employer" relationship in the contract.

The sad thing about is is that I was not assigned at the technology transfer unit (my area of expertise, or so i think). 
But rather, I would be forging international relationship and making economic studies, etc. 
The hard stuff that I would really avoid if I have the chance. 
But I cannot say no to a challenge. 
And they made me feel really welcome. Specially the top management. and i hope to be part of the top management or at least rise from my entry level (which is a senior position, anyway. not an ordinary feat for my age. when working for the government, i mean) before I reached the 24th month of my stay there. 
I owe my former boss a lot. 
for the training and the network and perhaps even the confidence.
and of course, for allowing me to grab the opportunity.

I hope we all have a blessed and productive week ahead.


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