Sunday, March 28, 2010

One, Two, Three

It is the only spare time that I got for posting photos here. Here are the overdue photos:

the lot for our home-to-be:

the new gadget that makes uploading easier: 

cakes and food for Papa's birthday:

                                                                     the birthday cake

                                                                details of the cake

spring rolls

we made some strawberry smoothies but the battery died again so this is all that I can upload for now. hope you enjoyed the photos.

Have a happy week.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Annual swimming is here, so I bought a new set of swim wear. I was laughing to myself while buying those stuff because its unusual for me to be purchasing those stuff especially now that my size is no longer on the small department. But maybe I am enjoying this new size. Of course it would be impossible to see me on a swimwear with all my fats screaming so I am officially on a diet. I am currently on the cereal diet where you only consume a decent meal during lunch and the rest would be cereal + milk + fruit. It will be until Sunday then I am planning to switch to the fruit only and no sugar/salt diet once the semester is over.

Have a great Wednesday. I love midweek, it means three days more to our weekly date over breakfast.

Note to self:

I will have to buy a hand cream and sunscreen. It is too hot outside. And the airconditioned room makes my skin dry.

Have to drink more water.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Summer Fun

I am still crazy about the summer. Today, I started the cereal diet and it feels full like it will take another hour for me to be able to put anything on my stomach again. I am not a cereal person, more of the oatmeal type but given that there is a need to slowdown on food without feeling starved I thought loading up with fiber from the easier to prepare food from the counter would be a great change. Well, it's okay except before the last three bites of my cereal-milk breakfast I felt the taste fatigue took over. Maybe I will try to have a fruit handy to wash off that feeling next time.

Today, until Friday is study mode for me. So you will be hearing from me from time to time because, you see study mode makes you remember so many things that are not so important but you feel like doing.

Have a happy Tuesday.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Morning Dash

I am taking a break for my morning work. We usually hate Monday because of the volume of people coming in for work and public transportation is usually a pain. My normal Monday would be a little bit of ignoring the husband theme because he is grumpy on those days due to hate-late issues. And today is a big change because we were running late and instead of the grumpiness, he told me that he is okay with the rush today because weeks from now we'll never be heading to the terminal hailing buses or jeepney but will be taking our own car with us. It was a relief to hear that from him. To see him happy is good enough for me to start my week happy.

Last night I list the following and was able to finish the following tasks:

1. Play wii . Watch another movie: "Mulan"   "the time traveller's wife"
2. my "spot". ThingOrganize s aree so pild up in there.
3. Arrange my Home management notebook
4. Start with my paper assignments and email before midnight.

I am improving on the discipline area. Being able to finish four tasks out of five is an achievement and I am working on perfecting it. An old discipline can be revisited right? I hope to be more productive.

Will finish the remaining task this afternoon after all the bulk of work in the office. For the meantime, here is a beautiful project that I want to try: Card Table Playhouse.

And by the way, I know now where to buy those sewing machine locally. According to my source, they are cheaper there and this place in Manila is the same city where photo enthusiast (DSLR users) get to buy on the cheap their gadgets. Incidentally, I know these places back in college. I will be visiting it next month to check their prices. I hope we have the car by then so that we will be more comfortable travelling around the city.

Have a great start of your week.

Enjoy Monday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Drizzle on a Lazy Sunny Afternoon

Summer is fun, with all the swimming and recreation around. But this summer, with all the load of schoolwork at hand, is kind of different from the previous years. It is my last summer in Graduate School (hoping to finish school by October 2010) and I expect lots of work going on with so many papers and comprehensive exam coming up. So Sunday is the only day that I get to rest and I always have to make the best out of it.

Today, as usual, it is scorching outside (and we got cooler weather here compare to the city) and I don't have a list of things to do. But like last week I was able to finish so many things in the morning and here it is:

1. Attend Morning Mass
2. Buy DVD of Movies that I want to watch this weekend, okay this Sunday.
3. Buy P's fruits for his diet (I got fruits too, strawberry)
4. Get some photos outside (trying my newest gadget: Sony DSC H20 purchase online)
5. Watched the Movie (bought DVD) "Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief"
6. Date with the hubby for breakfast of longganisa, fried rice and egg at McDonald's.

That's all for the morning activities. For this afternoon:

1. Play wii Watch another movie: "Mulan"
2. Organize my "spot". Things are so piled up in there.
3. Arrange my Home management notebook
4. Start with my paper assignments and email before midnight.

there you go. for a weekend of fun. (My digicam battery died on me so i cannot transfer files yet..give me an hour or two)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reading Materials and Interior Designs

This is a good day. There are deadlines for this week and I have various assignments at school which is a mix of assessments and art-related things. I was able to download my organizer materials yesterday and manages to print them as well. I will be working on them tomorrow when I got the chance to clean up my "spot" which I never got to do the other day.

Today, I hope to stop myself from ogling at interior designs on the net. Sigh. I wanted a house badly. I know. The design was done, the architect was given a go to start working on the plan. I paid the initial down for the plan and the payment for lot is ongoing. But I want to dress the house as soon as possible. And I am hoping that we will have enough resources when that time comes. That is why I am eagerly looking around for minimal designs that will not require lots of purchases. I hope to bring down the expenses when it comes to furnishing our "new"and first home.

I am also convinced that we need to buy a car. Next week we will be working on it so that we can have one before the house building starts. This will make transportation and buying of materials easier for us, and it will also lessen our transportation expenses.

This week is my scheduled buying of the digital camera I have posted last week. I will be making the call today and hope to close the deal before the day ends.

I got a new shirt here from the planning workshop I attended last week and hope that someone in the house will be able to wear it. Not my choice of colors but good enough for working on the garden.

There are lots of things lying around waiting for my attention today so I have to go for now. Enjoy your day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sweet Sunday

My Sunday usually spent on bed, catching up on much needed sleep. But today was different because I was able to finish more tasks than intended. By 5:45 pm I was able to do the following:

1. Declutter my "spot" in our room
2. Attend the Sunday Mass
3. Longganisa-egg-fried rice (sinangag)+ coffee breakfast at Jollibee
4. Organized the Wii "box" (accessory + controllers+ nunchuk storage)
5. Grocery (I do this every two weeks, usually after payday)
6. Had a massage (bi-monthly also, after the stiff neck that I suffered from)
7. Pedicure
8. Played wii games ( I am about to start on my movie marathon of True Blood)
9. Spent time with the family
10. Gardening

Remaining activities for the night:

1. Readings
2. Assignment
3. Movie marathon

Will be uploading photos today. On the next post.


I was able to visit tons of blogs today:

1. How About Orange

2. GrainEdit
3. UnderConsideration
4. Patches
5. SewMamaSew
6. SomedayCrafts
7. Sew4Home
8. Remodelholic
9. MakeitandLoveit
10. Photograpy blog
11. color career counselor
12. SimpleDeskTops

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Laughs

Venting place, funny reads:

Venting POST

Enjoy reading.

The Answer

My other life (school and work) that does not involve P is a complete clutter. So I tried to come up with a system that might help me remember the things that I ought to do before the day end. I hope that I will be able to follow it even if not strictly but somehow hit some of the goals. Here's the list of wonderful sites that can help on organization:

1. Mashable - they have a list of sites where you can sign up membership. This is good for those who are always online.

2. table top paper organizer

I really want this one on our table too.

And hope to start on this one this weekend.

(photosource: organized home blog)

It's Friday. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. I will probably spending mine catching up with my readings. This week has been fun, we were able to watch the movie "Alice in Wonderland" and scheduled for a massage this Sunday.

A little adjustment of schedule and priorities keeps the gap between me and hubby at bay. I hope we can keep this up despite my tight schedule and upcoming comprehensive examination.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rush Mode

There are so many things that i want to do, all at once. I feel harried and tired just the mere thought of going through all the projects that I was not able to finish the past few weeks. Now,there is nothing that I get to accomplish each day. But I am not unhappy. Just a little stressed.

Stressed leads me to blog surfing and I found these:

1. Frugal Blogger
2. Free Printables for Home Organization
3. DIY for house notebook
4. Organizational Blog with great reading materials

I also found this online photo editor through Pioneerwoman's blog.


I want to buy this:

i will buy it. next week or this week. when i get myself to the phone area. right now I am not into conducting any transaction that involves money, or MY MONEY.

I am still behind my readings and the writing projects are piling up, not because I do not finish my projects as scheduled but it is really impossible to catch up with full time load in Master's degree while full time working and tending a small family. This makes me happy though:


I will try to organize my thoughts and start working on my papers and plans for my job. Tonight I will declutter and hopefully put things on the right track.

For the meantime, enjoy visiting those blogs I have listed.

By the way, I love buko pie. Have you tried them?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Catch Up

My health has been catching up with all the extended work I had for the past busy months. I fell ill twice this week for two different reasons. Shoulder pain/stiff neck kept me down yesterday and cough/flu like symptoms kept my Saturday unproductive. Aside from all these sickness that put my schedule into a complete chaos, I have to deal with procrastination freeze that held me captive for days due to comfort-zone scare thing that seems to scare me out of my wits lately. Can someone really brave a change in their life that remains stagnant for almost five years? Although the job thing has been very challenging over the years, it is the fear of leaving that brainchild behind that is scaring me and of course, starting over and bringing all the discipline that you have to a far stranger environment. sigh.

Until now, my proposal paper is still in limbo. My one month review was left untouched. It's either sickness or confusion, this limiting factors kept me behind the workloads. But I have to catch up. And I need to start now.

I have to recheck my post its and other materials at hand. Maybe I need new inspiration to start my review again.

Hopefully, I will be able to spend a little time catching up on posting photos. I have plenty of photos to upload. And it is summer already!

How about you? I hope you are on the right track of whatever goals you've set for 2010.


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